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Oct 7, 2006
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Some of our members have suggested that it would be great to have an area for XLR videos.

Unfortunately, that type of capability takes a lot of resources and requires the site to be on its own dedicated server, which is a hefty expense.

Since we own and operate VetteTube.com - a Corvette video sharing/posting web site, I've started an XLR / XLR-V video channel there, since the XLR shares the Corvette C6 platform.

There is a permanent forum link to the XLR channel on the forums homepage here. You do have to register there, the same as you did here since there is no easy way to port memberships over to that server.

If you run into any issues let me know.

Link: http://vettetube.com/channel_detail.php?chid=30
I get a 404 error message when clicking on the ad banner for vettetube.com or your link that you posted. :dunno:

It worked for me. :confused:
And it works for me now also. I did switch to a different browser. (Mozilla) instead of Safari. I may need to get a different plugin if I'm using Safari. I recently bought a 16x9 monitor/TV with a new video card so as to take advantage of the new larger display. It has made the forums look and how different buttons work a challenge. I know now that it's not the forum, but my setup. :wave:

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