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A Chrysler merger with General Motors will:

A Chrysler merger with General Motors will:

  • Hurt Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep sales for 2009 models

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  • Encourage more Chrylser/Dodge/Jeep sales for 2009 models

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  • Have no impact on 2009 model sales

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  • Hurt GM financially

    Votes: 10 83.3%
  • Help GM financially

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  • Have no effect on GM

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A Chrysler merger with General Motors will:

change automotive history forever. :eek:
A Chrysler merger with General Motors will:

change automotive history forever. :eek:

I agree with Madam. I believe we are going to see more mergers taking place in the automotive industry. Hopefully for the best. Just my 2 cents.;)
The only thing GM will get out of this is some newer plants with newer equipment which is hardly necessary, since there is too much capacity on virtually every product line already in both companies. Chrysler bought AMC/Jeep, now GM is trying to buy Chrysler. Who's next? What's to gain? You can't gain much market share when both companies' shares are going down every year. It seems like too much financial liability - both short term and long term. I'd run!:willy_nilly:

Signed, a lotal GM customer:patriot:
Holding Companies

As all of you know, Chrysler was not too long ago bought by a large holding company from Mercedes Benz thinking they could make a go of Chrysler, do a fast turn around and sell it for millions or billions more than what they paid. Well they have not had much luck doing that and they want to dump the company for financial reasons. GM should stay clear of this or they will be in worse shape than they are now. They will be stradled with a lot of debt that Chrysler has and they have too much debt of their own to pay off. All of this is another case of the people at the top with salaries way more than they are worth and the little guy on the assembly line not getting paid what they are worth. You look at the line ups in all of the big three and compare for instance a Chevy to a Pontiac, Buick and then Cadillac and you see all of the interchangeable parts and then wonder why a Cadillac is so much more expensive than a Chevy. Pride of ownership but is it worth the extra $30,000.00 plus. I guess to all of us that own Cadillac's it is. In reality it probably didn't cost much more to make a Cadillac than it did the Chevy. Just my .02 cents worth.:patriot:First Robin
The good news is the government won't lend them the money for the merger, so hopefully merger / acquisition talks are over. GM needs Chrysler like a fish needs a bicycle.
Tough times call for tough measures - unless of course you are the federal government...........

Chrysler needs to face reality and close its doors. Its assets (if there are any) need to be sold off to repay its numerous creditors and stockholders who are used to being scr@wed by now. :rolleyes:
There you go Bob - making friends again!! :laugh:

In all seriousness; same sex couples in California already have the right to be included in health benefits, hospital visitations, inherit property, etc. The company I work for supports and recognizes such relationships, including them in FME Leave, FMLA Leave, even "bonding leave" where the couples become parents.

The only piece of the pie in CA they were denied was a legal marriage contract. The voting public spoke, the liberal justices decided to overturn, and as allowed in our country - the matter is now back before the people.

My political views are to the right of Darth Vadar's but I have no intent to see anyone's "rights" violated - but marriage as I see it is between a man and a woman. :patriot:

Also - I think a healthy debate on such matters is just that; a healthy airing of ones views. As long as at the end of the day we all agree this is a free country, paid for with the blood of many men and women who died to see the dream live on. My guess is alot of those brave souls were gay, but they bled the same as their straight comrades in arms!

Doesn't change my point of view on marriage, but it gives me plenty of room for thought and an equal amount of respect for all those willing to step up and be heard. :patriot::patriot::patriot:
Besides some equipment that GM does not need for Norh America, why would this merger happen? GM does not need Chrysler's portfolio and certainly does not need Chrysler's debt. It makes people talk.......:chuckle

The good news is the government won't lend them the money for the merger, so hopefully merger / acquisition talks are over. GM needs Chrysler like a fish needs a bicycle.
I agree. There is no upside to the merger, only a blending of resources with the end result being the diluting of any positive attributes GM currently possesses.
You have every right to express your opinion on an open forum, as do I.


PS: I also use Font, Font Size, Color, and Smiles to emphasize and get my messages across!! :love:

PPS: "some pretty smart people" know that the Triangle of NC refers to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina! I live in Efland, NC, which is within the Triangle, but very very few people, smart or dumb, know where that is!!

PPPS: I am, in fact, a 67 year old 'kid'!! I am an expert on nothing, with reasonable opinions about everything!!

PPPPS: True, I do not own an XLR or XLR-V, but I joined this forum in hopes of learning more about them to help me decide if that might be a car for me. I also wanted to share some info that I have acquired over the years, but it appears that the "pretty smart people" on here are only interested in confirmation of their own opinions!!
Ok ok.....lets put the daggers down folks and remember that we're here to learn and chat, and everyone does have opinions.

You may not agree with someone elses opinion, but you should respect it.
Ok ok.....lets put the daggers down folks and remember that we're here to learn and chat, and everyone does have opinions.

You may not agree with someone elses opinion, but you should respect it.

Thanks Rob, I guess we all just get our hackels up when someone comes on the forum with an attitude and we tend to strike back. We really should just read their comments and laugh it off as 100 years from now it won't matter. Maybe even less than 100 years. We have a good forum here, thanks to you, you are doing a great job. Can you answer a question for me? The picture of the V looks yellow except for the front of the bumper and beside the headlights, is that from the lights making an optical illusion? Made me think the XLR in a nice shade of yellow with Burgandy interior would be a knock out. Thanks, First Robin:patriot:
FWIW - Do you all remember Dixie from R2 and R3, from the Bowling Green production plant? She is sending out this mass email today .... I thought I would paste it here - seems appropriate and each of us can choose to react or, at the least, have a little information from the plant:

Next week, Congress and the current Administration will determine whether to provide immediate support to the domestic auto industry to help it through one of the most difficult economic times in our nation’s history, your elected officials must hear from ALL of us NOW on why this support is critical. As you know, GM has taken the tough, necessary actions over the last few years to strengthen our competitive position. The consequences, however, of a portion of the domestic auto industry collapsing extend far beyond GM’s ability to continue its transformation. One in 10 American jobs depend on our industry, as well as the health of communities, dealers and suppliers in all 50 states. As you know, nearly 3 million employees, retirees, and their families also depend on us for their pensions and health care. Because of our economic contribution, the cost of allowing this industry to fail would be catastrophic: 3 million jobs lost within the first year; U.S. personal income reduced by $150.7 billion; a government tax loss over three years of more than $156 billion. This level of economic devastation far exceeds the $25 billion of government support that our industry needs to bridge this current period.

Please take the time TODAY to contact your members of Congress to ask them to support America’s domestic auto industry. It's easy; all you have to do is:
  • Visit www.gmfactsandfiction.com
  • On the right side of the page, under "Mobilize Now", click on "I'm a Concerned American" and follow the instructions provided.
Dixie McGuffey
U.A.W. Communication Coordinator
U.A.W. Local 2164 Bowling Green Assembly
712 Plum Springs Loop 600 Corvette Drive
Bowling Green, KY 42101 Bowling Green, KY 42101

Thank you Madam. I know I will probably get beat up over this, but I do think help is needed for the automotive industry. That goes down Americans are going to be in big trouble. My father worked hard for thirty two years at Ford Motor Company. He worked on the line, to union rep, vice president of the union, and to president of the union. He worked at international for a year before his untimely demise. I do know his work was not easy and he worked long hard hours. He was a fair man, he didn't always agree with the union and he didn't always agree with the company. But he did always try to compromise between the two. I can't say how he would react to the situation the automible industry is in today. It's more than just helping the automotive industry. It comes down to helping that guy down on that line supporting his family and putting back into our economy. It's not the workers fault the contract the union negotiated and the company agreed to. I know the workers vote on the contracts. You want to break the union, I feel this isn't the way to do it. Just my .05.
Your father would be so proud of you to see your post ... Thanks to your dad, there are worker's on the line - who make a decent wage - and assembled autos just like our beautiful XLR's. It would have been cheaper and more profitable for our automakers to send all of the jobs overseas instead of keeping the factories here. Gee - I wonder what the benefit package is in Korea? Maybe the unions need a revamp ... but I think they are still useful. IMHO, I don't think it would be too long before all companies cut most of their benefits to nothing if the unions weren't still out there to provide the free enterprise competition (even in the areas of benefits) - The answer is NO in case you wonder if I was ever employed by a union .... now at my age, do I wish I had the long-term retirement benefits that they provide? You betcha. :)
I have very mixed feelings on ALL the political/economic stuff that is going on right now, and I know that I have a lot of work to do to even attempt to try to understand it. :confused:

But I do want to mention the guy from the XLR line who came out to the parking lot to thank us for buying the cars when we went out to dinner in Bowling Green at that funky bar- the last night (?) of R3.:wave: I was very impressed by that - it put a face on the auto workers for me.


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