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Hello From Arlington Texas


Nov 15, 2022
Arlington Texas, 76005
My XLR/V(s)
2007 XLR Black
I bought DIVAKC from Houston and she is on her way tonight to Arlington Texas Home of the Cowboyz. I will send another pix, in about a month when I put all bells and whistles on her. I am excited and thinking about starting a Dallas Cadillac XLR club, well I only know two others who have one, but hey we will be coming strong and joining this forum. It is an awesome forum, I have been watching for over a year now. I will send pix in a week. Thanks for having DIVA KC.
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Thank you. Do you have any Dallas or Fort Worth Texans on the site? I am hoping to reach out to them. Thanks again. Pix coming soon, trying to soup her up.

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