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Hello from Wisconsin


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Oct 20, 2008
My XLR/V(s)
2007 Black XLR-V
Hey Everyone - it's Quinn. The migration continues - it's the season, after all.
My XLR-V is an black '07 called "The Barbie Car". My husband MADE me get it - he said I needed the therapy! And he was right!

So... anyone else from WI out there in XLR-land?
~Quinn (Cathy)
Cathy, Dave is a wise man, you should keep him around. Kathy and I aren't from WI, but we are Cheeseheads.:lol::lol: I'm glad you joined us for our Madison trip.

Cathy, here is a picture of you in the"Barbie car"

Bruce :)
Welcome Cathy and David to the Darkside. Cubby and I are up for a road trip to Wisc. :wave:
Hi ... great to see you here!

I hear you had a great time driving the country roads of Madison County! Your Dave sounds like my Ray ..... he always likes to drive Lola too .... But, it's okay.... he shares his little MB with me ... the kicker??? I don't like driving it! (or his Truck) It's Lola for me too!

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