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Suspension Data for Possible Upgrade

long Tall Sally

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Sep 11, 2018
Aiken SC
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Hi sally.

The retractable top and its heavy hinges, all the gaz and hydraulic cylinders are mostly a good part of this weight.

Because of this 709 lbs weight and the softer ride than a c6, the transverse spring has to be of a different strength…..they could be the same at the look….. but they are still differents.

Would it fit the same, yes, the ride, the height would change and the durability could be not as good.

Its my opinion.


in your opinion based on what?

we are a professional shop and set up spring rates for dozens of cars. Nascar to lemans . looks has little to do with spring rates. we have the tools and scales to actually tell what the spring rates are and have compared them and swapped the parts .My statement are correct but since you seem to iike to argue how about put some money where your mouth is . I will have the customer take it to an independent shop to prove exactly what I stated about the springs. If correct you pay for the swap. If Not I will pay for a new spring and swap. Don't get any easier than that. Just send him 1000$ and I will be glad to do the same thing. that's my opinion and am I am willing to back up. I just find it funny when I don't agree with your taillight repair you say I am trying to rip people off by telling them what taillights can be had for and to keep the car original.. Just bought a good pair for 800 as a matter of fact. been listed on ebay for 2 months at 1500 but seller ready to get rid of them . So when I tell people how to save on shocks and springs that I have changed dozens of , you want to argue with me. what backs up you claims?? Cut and past?. You ever weighed a car? all 4 corners to set up roll bars to adjust the roll center? set up the suspension . lowered the unsprung weight ? run time trials to see how it worked. I have, for close to 40 years and have won some major events. your quote of curb weight-
Curb weight means the actual or the manufacturer’s estimated weight of the vehicle in operational status with all standard equipment, see that "estimated" its much better to overstate the weight than understate it from the manufactures point..and as I said before the corvette is not balanced as well as the xlr partly due to the wheelbase but also based on the front being as heavy as the XLR when weighed corner to corner. and by the way most actual car sights list the xlr at 3647 which is closer to actual weight of the car. and the base c6 corvettes are weighing in at 3300-3400 (more with a roll bar). at the track without driver. like I said look up the lawsuits about that weight. as they were told they were lighter.

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Feb 19, 2015
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Wikipedia is a source of my argument with you, the corvette is from 3100 lbs and the XLR from 3800 lbs….. I stand on my opinion.

When a manufacture supply some differents parts numbers for a similar item, that means it is different, no matter how it looks like.

Telling the member that a c6 corvette is almost the same XLR weight do not stand the road, that is my reason why I have contest that perticular affirmation.

I have giving some likes for some of the informations you have giving us in the past and we do appreciate it, on this site the members are debating the XLR repairs and the solutions, why dont you accept a different opinion, your affirmation today sounds more of promoting your entreprise, then any thing else.( keep your money for the charity )

The additional option for a DIY, for a tail light repair seems to bother you a lot, is it because it is very economical or what else that gets you so agressive on this issue.

My experience in the car industry from the manufacture to the dealership network of all its aspects, gets me in the position that I can help as a member, and I have fun of doing it.

A tech. is the one that do the repairs and been trained for it, that do not means that the trainer has not that capacity, hope you will agreed.

Get down of the curtains.


IAN :blinzel:

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