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15th year BG plant homecoming reunion Sept 26 - 28 2018

Wow guys, can’t believe it’s been a year since our reunion! What a good time that was. Mike & I miss you all!
It was a great time of fellowship with like minded good people.

Hey Charlie...Talking about Sandy & Steve I seen this on Facebook today! I believe they maybe purchasing that Oldsmobile

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You bet we bought it! It is a 1963 Jetfire: which was the first North American production Turbo vehicle! (Hit the streets a few weeks before the Corvair turbo for anyone who thought different) 215 Aluminum V8 that produces 215 HP and 300 fp torque and is liquid injected like the WW2 fighter planes were. It is all original - turbo intact, rust free, excellent interior. Been in storage in the original owners garage since 1986. We drove to California to get it. Built in 62 and 63 - there were only 9600 cars built in total but the car needed special care due to the liquid injection and many owners did not refill the tank or would not use the correct fluid so the dealers had a lot of customer complaints of loss of power etc. So in 65 & 66 Oldsmobile offered a free conversion to a regular 4 barrel set up and 80% of the cars were switched over making turbo intact cars super rare. Mine is a 4 spd manual to boot which was only 20% of the cars! Been really busy with the car as restoration will come to a halt when we head south for the winter so as a result I have not been 'hanging around here'!
I always thought these were really sharp looking cars. But, to show how your perspective changes, I remember seeing one of these back when it was new, and thinking, "That's one of those new little compacts!" Of course, compared to the barges the big 3 were putting out then, it WAS a compact. Nowadays when I see one, I think, "That's a lot bigger than I remember them being." That's because now I'm comparing them to the 'normal sized' cars that are actually a lot smaller.

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