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Happy Belated Birthday--Tiffany's Dad


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Oct 17, 2008
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For everyone's information, we celebrated Tiffany's Dad's birthday on the road home from San Antonio on Monday!!

Happy Birthday, Marc!!!!!!

Hope you got enough Blue Stuff for your birthday!!!!!


Happy Belated Birthday Marc. Hope you had a great day celebrating with the MM. Hope you got a bunch of blue stuff.:chuckle:chuckle:birthday:
Yes, Marc, welcome to this side of the hill! It was great spending your birthday with you. :party
Mark - :birthday:.... hey, the double nickles .... not so bad ... senior discounts (lol) ....
In one of the million texts that was flying back and forth between Tiffany and Lola you will find our birthday wishes .... That had to be a great birthday ... you were with both of your favorite girls!

Ruth Ann & Ray
Happy Birthday Mark

Happy Birthday Mark, sorry you went home with the cold. Guess it got a few of us. Hope you have many more birthdays to come, getting old has a lot of advantages and dis-advantages but the alternative can wait a while as far as I am concerned. Was good seeing you and Missy Bling again. First Robin
Thanks to u all. Have not had a chance to get to McDonalds for the seniors discount yet, but looking forward to it. I can sit in there and drink coffee with all the old men that I used to make fun of for being there everyday. I guess I'm one of them now. Go figure.:pat:
Marc - sorry we missed the blue birthday party ... but I do have a little something blue for you, too. You'll have to come to Wisconsin to collect :wave:

Hope you had a great b-day... we had fun helping you celebrate in SA at the Cadillac!!!

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