Welcome to the Cadillac XLR Forums!

I made it over


Oct 30, 2008
So. Cal
My XLR/V(s)
Glad I found the group. :wave: Odd how things can turn sour.

Good to be where the knowlege flows.

Welcome... glad you could join us. I'm sure you will find THIS forum's moderator to be much friendlier...
Welcome - I have a 2005 also - I think the same color.
Welcome to the Dark side. You are going to love this site. Those of us that have been here for a few weeks have been having a ball.
Hi ... glad to see another familiar name ... You're in Socal ...... any chance that you will be able to join us at Bob's Big Boy the day after Thanksgiving ...

How about San Antonio?? Any chance you can make that? It sure would be fun having a caravan .... Bobby must be getting really tired of traveling with just us ... LOL ...
Yep, welcome everyone, dry up that old hole on that other forum.
Ruthie, I'm tired of driving by myself, thank god for you guys when my nav was using the wrong address on the way back. I was wondering around a residential area on the same name street with not a motel within 20 miles. You saved my butt twice that day. I need a navigator. I know............Ray can drive my V and I'll come over with you and drive Lola.:blinzel:problen solved.

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