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Dec 8, 2008
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After reading all the post's on top problems last night I noticed alot of people will have the problems only once in a while. So I went out to the garage tonight and tried it again. It worked perfectlly many times. It was supposed to go to the dealer monday to be fixed. Good thing I tried it. I can see it now, We tried it 15 times and it worked perfectlly every time, Sorry, That will be $80. I guess I'll just have to use it and see if it does it again. The good news is if I just paid 80 grand for it I would be ****ed. Since I bought it at the 2008 bad econmy winter sale for 75% off I can play with it a little. I will learn what makes the system tick and figure it out so I wont be intimidated by it, just like I did the allante. Dave:rocker:
I think you'll be a great owner! Don't be too afraid to tinker with the car. It usually isn't the high-tech things that go kerblooie on 'em, but the mundane (air conditioning, rear axle fluid, oil leaks, potentiometers), though my remote keyless entry does still give me problems....

PS Don't forget the "Master Reset" procedure of disconnecting the battery for a while, then reconnecting it. That will solve some problems. Just remember to "relearn" the windows to the car.

Also, be sure to start/run the car or connect it to a battery tender if you let it sit for a few weeks (or more). Otherwise, you'll be greeted to a dead battery, which makes getting in the car a little challenging. (Tip- leave the hood cracked open for easy battery access, or do what I do; run the car while you're out using the snowblower on the driveway.)

AND, be sure to read and understand the MANUAL method for putting the top up or down! And be sure you have the special little wrench that came with the car to do it!
I doubt the car will ever sit for 3 weeks. It will be out every time the roads are dry and it is above 0. I put about 250000 miles on the allante in 12 years so I dont let them sit much. I looked for the tool the other night and it is not there. I went to cadillac today and they told me it is discontinued, imagine that. Looding at the procedure it looks like an allen wrench and a torx screwdriver will do the same thing so I will go that route. It's sepposed to be in the upper 50's here sunday so the top will be down this weekend. Dave
Done it for years. Heated seats really help. About a month ago the wife and I drove the BMW to work one day. I had it in the garage with the top down. I told her we would leave it down and drive in to work, 4 miles at 30 mph. It really wasn't bad with the heat on high the wind deflector up and the seats on high. Oh did I mention when we got to work I looked at the temp display and it said 29. I really love the top down. This XLR dosn't know what it's in for. It will get alot of use and alot of care though. Dave
I read that in there but it said don't lower it below 0. I dont know if thats C or F but it dosn't matter. I wouldnt that lower it when its that cold anyway. The BMW was just a one timer.
The tool can not possibly be discontinued. :pat: They're using it on the 2009's! I'm sure our Cadillac Tech friend can help you - I'll send out the beacon for his assistance.........

PS again: You must have a lot more hair than I do! 50 degrees with the top down? Brrrr!

It is discontinued. It is part #10342359. It is an 8mm or 5/16 Allen wrench with a 15 Torx on one end.

Make sure and get a couple of spare emergency keys made for your XLR.

Bruce :patriot:
Thanks Bruce. I will keep an 8mm allen and a 15 torx in the car and get spare keys made. I wish I was closer to you. The local cady dealer is ok but they make me nervous, Every time I go to ask a question they dont know. They have an xlr tech but I talked to him and he has never lowered or raised a top manually and never heard of the tool to do so. Dave
It is discontinued. It is part #10342359. It is an 8mm or 5/16 Allen wrench with a 15 Torx on one end.
Bruce :patriot:

I checked with my dealer here in Billings, MT. He found a tool made by Kent-Moore tools, which makes GM's specialty tools, called a Convertible Top Adjustment Tool, part #
J-42581. It's a T-handle with a spring loaded bit holder. I took a couple pics of it, but I don't believe it's the correct tool, anyway. Besides, it's not available until January 11 and GM dealer cost is $120!!
Could someone maybe take a pic of their convertible top tool and post it, I have no idea what it even looks like.
No, that is not the top wrench we are talking about. I will try and take a picture tomorrow and post it.

Bruce :)
Gee Bruce, this past week I was thinking of putting the top up, just for a change. After tomorrow we are going to have some nasty weather coming in for about 6 days, so the garage door is closed for the week. No rain on my baby.
It is discontinued. It is part #10342359. It is an 8mm or 5/16 Allen wrench with a 15 Torx on one end.

Make sure and get a couple of spare emergency keys made for your XLR.

Bruce :patriot:
Here's a pic of mine - note the allen wrench on one side and the torx bit on the other.
Thanks for posting, Homegrown! :)

Thanks A LOT for posting, Homegrown. I was thinking that was what the wrench looked like. Boy, am I glad it isn't the other one ($120), But, if this one was still available, it would probably be that much anyway. After all, it's for an XLR, right!!!??? Guess I'll just have to keep searching... one of these days I'll run across one.
Take a look at McMaster.com, page 2796. All the torx keys you could ask for.

Take a look at McMaster.com, page 2796. All the torx keys you could ask for.


Thanks, Bob... Took a look, but didn't find anything with hex on one end and torx on the other, with the same length on each side.
Take a look at McMaster.com, page 2796. All the torx keys you could ask for.


Couldn't find anything on their website, so emailed them about the wrench. They replied, "We do not carry this style of wrench. Please try contacting an automotive specialty supplier for this item".
Is the wrench the same length on each side? What is (are) the lengths?

The wrench is about 5" on the long (Torx) side and 3" on the short side.

If you really want an "original" one, try lurking on eBay for an Owners manual set. Sometimes one of the sweet little urchins who work at car dealers take the manuals and so forth out of vehicles coming into the used car lots and sell them on eBay. You may find one complete with the specialized tool.

When I've used it, the Torx side is used for taking off trim pieces and such; the Allen wrench side is really the "business" end of this puppy and is used to latch or unlatch stubborn latches. My header latch is the worst culprit of the bunch. It gets sticky if I leave the top down for extended periods (weeks) of time.

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