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XLRs on Auction in January



Mecum in Kissimmee sold a few XLRs this past week.
A 2004 black with about 36,000 miles went for $15,400; a 2005 described as grey with a 'reconditioned top' with about 71,000 also went for $15,400. A 2004 Nieman-Marcus (violet) with about 65,000 went for $25,300; and two more 2005's went for $17,600 satin nickel (no miles listed) and $13,200 respectively in Raven Black (no miles listed).

Barrett-Jackson has 5-6 XLR-V's coming up on their docket on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in Scottsdale. If you're wandering around the auction site in Scottsdale, send me a PM!


Buyers in Scottsdale were eager to spend a lot to get an XLR this past week.
On Wednesday, the only base model was a 2004 with low low miles in outstanding condition-went for $28,600 including 10% commission.
The V's on auction were all in great condition with very low miles.. Also on Wednesday 4 V's (all in very good condition) went for $46,200; $38,500; $44,000 and $37,400 respectively. On Thursday a 2007 V sold for $88,000 (incl comm) and a 2006 V went for $58,300.
2019 must have been a good year for everyone and I think the prices on the V's and all the cars at the auction this past week reflected the healthy economy!

Bill S.

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Jun 26, 2018
Jensen Beach, FL
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WoW.......Sort of makes me think HuH ?? Have my V, which I'd rate as a 9 condition wise, listed down here in FL at 27 K and have a guy interested in it now.


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