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    Engine won't crank

    I would start by making sure all grounds are clean and tight.
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    Help! New Purchaser wuold love some experience advice - major worries

    When I had an oil leak like you described it required the engine to be removed and resealed. It was stioll under warranty but I was told it was about a $3000.00 repair. If I had a seller tell me I could not have the car inspected before I bought it I would have run the other way. With the...
  3. SrChief

    New proud owner

    Welcome Dennis. I live in Fort Worth and have a 2007 Silver XLR. My son lives in Coppell so we are in the grapevine area and drive the XLR out in that area. Will keep a watch for you!
  4. SrChief

    Run flat tires

    I would check the build date on any tires that have been in inventory very long. I bought a set for my Allante and later found out they were 5 years old when I bought them. Dealers suggest replacing any that are 7 years old no matter what the mileage on them! I was shocked when the guy that...
  5. SrChief

    Garage door opener problem

    I hope it works for you but I researched the repeaters being sold on Amazon and found where it said they would not work with the Lear Car2u system. It said to call Lear for the correct repeater.
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    XLR decklid liner, part #19169562

    Thanks. You can email it to me at Donald-Gibson@sbcglobal.net We will play around with it and see what we can come up with.
  7. SrChief

    Garage door opener problem

    I had the same problem and working with Chamberlain was told I had to buy a repeater for around $50.00 to make it work. Our system is not Homelink but was made by Link and does not work with many openers.
  8. SrChief

    XLR decklid liner, part #19169562

    Do you have that logo digitized? We have an embroidery machine and could use it in PES format.
  9. SrChief

    Mirror lights staying on.

    Thanks Cubby--I found the button above the options button. I have always used the buttons on the lights themselves to turn them on and off and did not know about the other one that turns both on and off. I must have hit it when I was resetting my fuel avg and trip mileage when I filled up the...
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    Mirror lights staying on.

    Twice now my mirror lights have stayed on and nothing I could do would turn them off. After a while they will time out and go off and stay off the next time I start it up. Anyone have any idea what is causing this?
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    2008 XLR Anit-Sway Bar.

    I do not know what part number you used but when I ordered my anti sway bar with the info off this site I got a solid bar, not a tube!
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    Quote of the Day

    The one I like best is "Its better to be seen than viewed"
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    Rough ride

    I have run flats on my 07 and even my wife commented how good the ride was. The first thing I would check is the tire pressure. Make sure it is 30 PSI and not more!
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    Help! Door Handles

    This has been covered several times and the answer is to buy a new door handle switch. They do not cost much and are easy to replace--only 2 screws.
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    Key stash?

    I tried using my fob to lock my car but have found that when I return I can still just walk up and open either the door or the trunk. Using the fob to lock must not turn off the searching feature!
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